Frequently Asked Questions for various topics.


Does HBW Securities have a Registered Investment Advisory service (RIA)?

Yes, HBW Advisory Services LLC. Contact Joe Bonanno at: or (800) 473-3856 x122. Also, visit the advisory website, at: for more information.

Does HBW Securities allow representatives to be dually registered with another Broker-Dealer?

No. HBW Securities does not allow dual registration.



Are there appointment guidelines?

Appointment guidelines are not available to the general public.

Can series 7 reps be appointed at HBW Securities LLC?

Yes. Series 7 registered reps must restrict their securities activities to the managed products that the firm is registered to sell.

Can series 65 reps be appointed at HBW Securities LLC?

Yes, but solely for the purpose of working with for HBW Advisory Services LLC.

How do I get a copy of my Errors & Omissions insurance?

You must request it from our licensing department upon receipt of your appointment confirmation.

Do I need to register as a branch?

Please see the Branch registration forms on our forms page.



When are commissions paid?

Weekly. Most representatives participate in electronic funds transfer (EFT).

How can I look at my override commissions?

All commission statements are available through the WealthServ system.

Does HBW Securities advance commissions on Variable Annuities?

Not at this time. This may change as business conditions and product sponsors policies evolve.



Which forms are required to open a new account?

The New Account Information Form, Account Agreement, Disclosure Form, Customer Suitability Analysis Worksheet and Privacy Statement (supplied to client) are the minimum required to open an account.

Where does the paperwork go?

As a general rule, Branch offices must keep original new account paperwork and copies of submitted product applicaitons. Branches must also track a number of items such as Do Not Call lists, blotters, advertising files, and customer complaint files. Please speak with our compliance department for more information.

Do I have to use my HBW Securities email for all my email?

HBW Securities email is required for all forms of securities business, including all client, product sponsor and home office communications.